(the following topics include but are not limited to)

Next-generation networking technologies

Cyber security & Infrastructure Management

Information Systems

Network Security

Interactive Communication

Sensor/ad hoc networks

Social interaction, Mobile communications

Ubiquitous Networks

Virtual reality, Cyber law, E-governance

Augmented Reality

Wireless Communication

Mobile Communication

Network Interface Virtualization

Network Virtualization Concept and Architecture

Green Datacenter

Higher layers of protocols, application

Physical and link layers and lower layers of protocols

Simulation, Modeling and analysis and performance evaluations

Network management and services

Optical Passive and Active components and devices

Security in Mobile and Wireless Networks

WLAN and Mobile WIMAX, 3G and 4G systems

Wireless Local Loop (WLL)

Multiple Access Technology

Broadband Wireless Access

Wireless Multimedia Services

Cost-effective Rural, Urban and Community Wireless and Mesh Networks

Networking and computing in challenged environment

Policies for communication access development

Sensor networks / alert systems

Mobile-based computing

Wireless, ad-hoc, meshed, etc. Networks

Web-based system

Green IT Technologies

Virtualization Concept

Social Applications

GIS and Remote Sensing

Advanced database and Web Applications

Cloud Computing

Distributed Processing

Decision Support Systems

Concepts and Development of Information Systems

New SPI Models: SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, CaaS, XaaS

Location and mobility semantics

Social Network Analysis Methods and Applications

Context-aware Computing and Location-based Services

Web2 and Web3 new development paradigm

Web Ontology and Development

Semantic Web: Concepts, Technologies and Applications

Augmented Reality

Service Oriented Architechture

Condensed matter physics

Environmental Physics

Imaging technology, microscope


Nanoscience and Nanotechnology

nuclear physics

Nuclear science and Engineering

Particle physics

Physical chemistry

Plasma physics

Engineering and Industrial Physics, instrumentation, metrology and standards

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  • Registration Deadline: 2023.12.22
  • Conference Date: 2023.12.27
  • Notification Date: About a week after the submission
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